My name is barry nuckley founder and owner/ operator of professional carpet cleaners.

We have been trading since the late 80s giving us over 25 years cleaning hands on in the business.

Our company has cleaned for super markets, car manufacturers, the police force, stately homes and breweries. We have also cleaned for hundreds of night clubs in this time, giving us the leading edge in this field. our company cleans for the domestic market and the commercial market we specialise in vast commercial areas of offices including schools and large showroom areas of the retail sector.

We operate a truck mounted machine.. This is where the machine is housed into the back of a van and has its own fresh water system and is able to retain the waste so we can remove this from site and dispose of safely. We can have your furnishings and carpets dried from as little as 30 minutes!

We use chemical that are proven, not cheap rubbish that makes profit. All of our products are sought from locations around the world using only the most efficient and safe products available to the market today. We specialise in solutions to meet people’s needs like someone who maybe allergic to detergents… we could use in place a micro splitting product that would have no harmful effect and would complete a job just as good as using traditional methods. I have excelled in this business with out the need of heavy advertising just by listening to what my clients require.

I welcome criticism on what i am doing as this makes me a better cleaner but also makes me learn from anything that i could do better in the future.

We have a social media page on face book which is :-

Here you can view pictures and comments from other customers which we have cleaned for previously.