Oven cleaning valet

The oven cleaning service has been wowing our customers since 2001 when we introduced it to our already well established carpet cleaning business. We introduced this service on the back of carpet and upholstery cleaning after being asked time after time where you could get such a service.
Our oven cleaning prices are very competitive and a single oven can go from being the oven from hell to a sparkling almost new state in just over an hour.
We also clean hobs, range ovens, fridges and dish washers.


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From the moment we arrive we will be looking to strip as much as we can off the oven.
So the first thing will be to remove the door and the glass if necessary, not all glass doors are serviceable but 95% are.
The racks /shelving are removed as is the fan if applicable, all rubber seals are removed cleaned and replaced. The carcass of the oven is then painted with a none caustic gel, whilst the rest of
the oven and furniture is placed into a tank to dissolve the grease and burnt on carbon.
All the parts are rinsed with fresh water and the oven is then built back together.
The result is a near new oven when finished and can be used straight away.